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Justin wittler



Certified Personal Trainer

Balanced Body Pilates Reformer


Justin graduated from The University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in Exercise Science.  Upon graduation, he began training at Prairie Life Fitness, where he was a Master Personal Trainer.  In 2016, Justin became Pilates Reformer certified and would later become Director of the Pilates Department. He keeps up to date on all certifications including his Certified Personal Training and Nutrition Certification through the International Sports Science Association as well as Pilates Reformer through Balanced Body.  After training at Prairie Life Fitness, Justin opened his own training business and Valiant Fitness was born.  Justin’s vision was, and still remains, helping people train their bodies through functional movement and various movement patterns to improve their life.

“I have always believed in working the body in a functional way, encompassing movement patterns in different planes.  Working the full body, while mimicking everyday life activities, ensures that we are truly training for the most important thing – life.”

In his free time, Justin enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, and daughter, Kinsley.  He enjoys attending sporting events, especially cheering on the Huskers.  Justin likes to stay active and busy outside the gym, and particularly enjoys boating on the lake, walking/hiking trails with his family, and hunting.



Beatrice High School

University of Nebraska-Omaha (B.S. Exercise Science)

International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer

International Sports Science Association Certified Nutritionist

Balanced Body Pilates Reformer Certified


Professional Experience

2014-2020 Master Personal Trainer at Prairie Life Fitness

2016-2020 Pilates Reformer Instructor at Prairie Life Fitness

2019-2020 Pilates Department Director

2020- Owner/Manager Valiant Fitness

Brendon keller

Certified Personal Trainer

Balanced Body Pilates Reformer

Arms Race Nutrition Partner

Brendon graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. During his time in school, he began leading small group sessions and one-on-one training sessions. After interning as an Assistant Strength Coach at NXT Level Hockey Academy in Omaha, he became a full time trainer/coach for the following 3 years. After joining Valiant Fitness as a full time trainer in July, 2023, Brendon received his Pilates Reformer Certification. Brendon lives by a connection based approach, with a primary focus on improving overall quality of life.

Educational Experience:

  • University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Balanced Body Pilates Reformer


our services

At Valiant Fitness, we focus on functional movement with an eye for proper form and safety. Our certified personal trainers are here to assist you in reaching all of your fitness goals! We offer personal training, tandem training (2 people), small groups (3+ people), and youth training.



I’ve only been a client at Valiant Fitness since April 2023, but I can’t imagine not going there four times a week and training with Brendon as my one-on-one personal trainer. I’ve never exercised in my life but
decided to start this year to get healthier, more balanced, and add more stamina with both knees replaced that never stop hurting. I look forward to the workouts and I actually miss it when I can’t make a session. Brendon has a great sense of humor and makes working out fun while pushing me every time, even when I don’t think I can get through another set. He is always adding new equipment and changing up the routine to keep things fresh and challenging while keeping my limitations in mind. He coaches me in my personal nutrition and at-home health needs to make sure I am doing everything right to reach my goals. It’s the total package.
It’s not just another gym or personal trainer. I believe Brendon and Justin, Valiant’s owner, really wants me to succeed in my goals.
I’m having so much fun belonging to Valiant Fitness and hanging with Justin and Brendon. It’s something I’m finally doing just for me and having a fantastic time while accomplishing this for myself!!!


"I signed up with Justin thinking I would just take advantage of a free introductory training session at his previous gym, but two years later and I'm still training with him. He's more than just your typical trainer, he's professional, knowledgeable, and probably the most down to earth trainer around. When I'm training with Justin, it feels like I'm training with a friend, but he still keeps the sessions challenging and varied, so I never get bored or feel like my training has stagnated. I've noticed myself getting stronger and being able to handle tougher workouts. Justin is genuinely interested in seeing his clients progress, and regardless of someone's fitness level, I would recommend him and Valiant Fitness to anyone."






5550 S 59th St #13

Lincoln, NE 68516

Tel: 402-510-9227


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